Mar. 29th, 2007

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So I've been home from work for about... twenty minutes, and I'm already tipsy. Nice.

Again with the mood swings, again with the freaking out over absolutely nothing, again with the not sleeping for more than forty-five minutes a night. I need to find a shrink out here, but I'd been feeling really good so I've been lazy, and now that I'm not feeling good, I don't really want to bother. Maybe I'm not managing my moods as effectively as I'd thought. Who knows, maybe so.

The fic [ profile] aubreys_master and I are writing is, like, total projection on my part. Poor Anakin. Seriously, I go from EvilLucasFic to Evil(and not in the Vader way)Anakin fic without even a pause in between. So just keep that in mind when it's eventually posted. ;) Well, not ALL of it is projection. But some of it is. Anyway, whatever.

Just wanted to let ya'll know I'm still alive and whatnots, after my omg-emo!post the other day. Someone needs to just implant something in my brain that will give me a shock whenever I decide to be all emo like I was then, or like I'm being now. Seriously.


I'm sorry, you guys. I'll be better soon, I swear. Then I'll go back to posting stupid crap about other stupid crap. That's the good thing about bipolar, and I'm not down enough to not realize it - when there's a low, there's always gonna be a high waiting in the wings. :) Go sucky brain chemistry!! w00t!


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