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Title Making it Right
Fandom SW:PT
Prompt Beginnings

No, he will not be trained )

The Table

the table

Jan. 3rd, 2007 07:53 pm
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I've decided, since I need to write so badly my brain is leaking out my eyes, I'm going to follow the prompts from [ profile] fanfic100, without, you know, actually participating in the community.

So here's the table of prompts. Every time I finish one, I'll add a link to the table.

Table o' Words )
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Written with [ profile] citizenjess, this fic exceeds the recommended daily requirement of sweetness. Do not read if you are experiencing heart or stomach problems or are nursing, pregnant, and/or diabetic.

Swimfan )
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It's finally happened.

The New Empire is officially open for business.

It's a place for authors to go besides TFN. A place where slash is accepted, and concrit is adored. Basically, it's what [ profile] drunken_hawkeye and I were looking for in a SW archive. And so, we bring the fruits of our labor to you guys.

Come, join!


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