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Title What Happens on Corellia (1/10)
Authors [ profile] citizenjess and [ profile] patientalien
Rating PG-13
Authors' Notes: written by [ profile] citizenjess

Oh man, author's notes. I will try to be somewhat brief.

Basically, this is a "Star Wars", 'The Clone Wars'-era "crack" 'fic, loosely based off of the movie, "What Happens in Vegas". Feel free to hate on the film long and hard; it kind of deserves it. As a bit of an homage, chapter titles have been culled from Irene Cara's song, 'What a Feeling', from the movie "Flashdance", which features prominently in "Vegas". We are not Ashton Kutcher, nor are we George Lucas or Dave Filoni, etc., etc. By "we", I am referring to myself and [ profile] patientalien, my exceedingly patient wife and co-writer throughout this 6-8-month endeavor.

Since this story surpasses 50,000 words and 300 KB (it was not intended to be a NaNoWriMo novel, we swear!), we will be posting it in spurts, i.e.: chapters - ten of them, to be exact. In addition, we are taking a page out of [ profile] one_clear_call's book (go read it and fangirl [ profile] epigram and [ profile] illstarred if you haven't already; it's good stuff), and will be posting/"updating" the 'fic on a weekly basis. Again, it is completely finished - we even have a soundtrack prepared! - but in an attempt to not saturate our usual Internet haunting grounds with this puppy, we're spacing out our updates.

At most, we will post successive chapters/links to chapters in our personal journals; the [ profile] mydarlingasajj community (hint, hint!); [ profile] capslock_cw (we are kind of banging the mods, ha); and FF.Net. Also, thank you in advance to [ profile] jedi_news for any potential linking. Um. I think that's it! Okay, here we go.

Summary A run-of-the-mill weekend excursion on the pleasure planet of Corellia results in consequences far more dire than Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano anticipate when Obi-Wan ends up married to Asajj Ventress.

Chapter One: When There's Nothing )


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